How We Got Started

      There once was a girl named Brooke,

Brooke Icenberger,
      A former barista at DeNovo Coffee in Old Town Tomball, now full-time maker and owner of Beautiful Bliss, spent the past few years shining bright at early hours. She spent this time creating not only great coffee, but great relationships with her customers as well. This is how two of her passions came together. When along came Robert… Robert Cegielski, a regular of DeNovo, invited her out to his custom furniture shop, Broken Tree Designs. 
      After spending time there and learning some new trades, she was inspired to channel into her creative outlet and put her maker hands to work. Because of her excessive earring collection and love for happy things, jewelry and home good was clearly the market for her to serve.
      Building things has always been a passion of Robert’s. It even ran in the family. Both of his grandfathers were skilled in manufacturing trades, one a carpenter and the other a welder. Following in their footsteps and combining these two skills led him to showcasing pieces at the Round Top Antique Show where he met Cooper, of ReCoop Designs. After working together and growing his skills, Robert had the opportunity to branch out and start Broken Tree Designs in August of 2019. What started as small things like custom knife handles and cutting boards has grown into completing over 16-foot conference tables.
      Growing in both of their artisan handiwork and skills, they decided to come together forming the Beauty and the Tree, now collectively providing custom furniture pieces, milling and kiln-drying services, wooden and leather jewelry, cutting boards, home goods, decor, and more.
    Still servicing the Oak Forest/ Houston Heights area, we have now expanded our roots out near Tomball.  You can find our products out at the Tomball Farmer’s Market on 205 W. Main every Saturday from 9-1. As well as in Sandra Cegielski’s beautiful shop in Old Town Tomball, The LampPost Boulevard.

     At Beauty and the Tree, we offer a truly in-house start-to-finish process providing you with quality pieces that will last happily ever after.